Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Peeps

This blog was created in an effort to create an online forum where us SVA students can discuss and critique work and animatics pertaining to our 2012 Theses. This gives us an ability to more closely examine others work and give more productive, more well thought-out feedback. SVA students can join once they are added to the blog, and anyone can post feedback! Just contact an Administrator with your gmail/blogspot email to get an invite.

PSSST Pass it on!
Danica Parry


  1. Awesooommme!!! i never get review in class cause mine is always the last one >.<

  2. eh, i feel i must take a different route with my thesis, the whole beacon thing not working out lol, damn it!

  3. you should just put numbers in the file name so it gets on top of the list lol

  4. This is the largest thesis section we've ever had...so I apologize if you got left in the snow. We'll check your work out first next week! Just remember, sitting quiet and waiting to be noticed is not a plan. Feel free to shout, jump up and down and get my attention.

    This is your class... well, it's mine, but that was meant to make you feel good.