Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yu Hai's Previz

Untitled from Yu Hai Shen on Vimeo.


  1. It works man. It does what it does well.

    You've got your modeling work cut out for you =)

  2. So the story is about a little girl browsing the store, knowing that we're watching her?

    I thought the FBI warning would show up in the beginning lol.


    Kind of reminds me of this a bit. I guess it's just the aspect of a kid being absorbed by all the cool toys he/she's looking at. Haha what happens if she imitates all the toys she looking at?

    Might be cool if there's was some more interaction with the toys! I don't really get the ending or plotline? Maybe there's not enough character development?

    This might be dumb but what happens if she's a super serious cashier and goes crazy with all the toys when nobody's looking? And exactly then is when those toys "come alive" with her imagination? I just feel like you might need more of a story or series of events to keep people more interested. A toy store would be a neat set to model though.

    Haha or what happens if she was a robber that robbed this store and instead of stealing money she just starts playing with all the toys and we can see it all on camera. That sort of reminds me of this:

  4. Hey Danicaaa!

    Yeah ive seen those two videos =) they are amazing

    Well, i really meant to have no story at all so it will stay short and sweet and also to avoid any extra animations. I am just going for the look (lighting & rendering) and the environment (modeling). Though at the end, if i have time to tweak stuff at the end I might have some animations with the toys =)

  5. to Mark,

    she is not really aware that we are here, at the end there is a mirror and she is just posing in front of it. But I guess it feels like she knows we were watching

  6. Yu,

    I think that if the true intention of this piece is to show off your modeling and texturing skills, the motion thought the store is way too fast. Most of the models are grouped together and are passed over very quickly, leaving no time for the viewer to see any details. I would suggest slowing down the camera and moving in a lot closer. You want the audience to be able to take in all the stunning details, otherwise why bother making such nice models.